Avery Brecknell

6702U POS Bench Scale by Avery Brecknell

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Perfect for a wide variety of weighing purposes. Jewelers can use grams, yogurt shops can use ounces, grocers can use pounds, the uses are endless! The Avery Brecknell 6702U POS Bench Scale has a 6" x 10" platter with 9 inch cable, perfect for grocers using, delis, candy stores, yogurt and ice cream shops, or any retailer who needs to weigh and scan items quickly and effortlessly. 


  • LCD Display for high resolution images and wording
  • Heavy die-cast aluminum housing for sleek look and functionality
  • Accommodate many measures of units (kg, lb, oz, or g) for jewelers using low weights or grocers using up to 15 lbs.
  • Optional Tower (shown but not included above)