Monthly RetailEdge Software Maintenance Plan (SMP - Silver) per workstation

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Our Silver level is for customers who are interested in being on a Software Maintenance Plan (SMP) and receiving the latest software updates as they are released. This can be especially important for PCI Compliance since businesses must have the latest available software patches for their payment applications.


The SMP is a great program and for only $5.00/workstation/month:

  • Allows us to continually improve the program and distribute these improvements out to our customers in a timely fashion.
  • Allows our customers to benefit from new features immediately instead of having to wait for years for an update.
  • Allows our customers to participate in the software maintenance process by providing suggestions.

You must be on a Silver Plan for a minimum of one year.  

If you would like a monthly billing, just contact us so we can get you setup.  If you would like to pre-pay for the year, you can order 12 on-line for each workstation.  

For more information about our Silver Updates Plan, click here.